Spinning seamless integral cylinders are new processes and products that have been developed in recent years. There are four types: steel seamless gas cylinders, aluminum alloy gas cylinders, composite steel inner cylinders, and composite aluminum inner cylinder;mainly used in breathing gas cylinders, CNG natural gas cylinders, medium and large high pressure gas transportation cylinders, etc.

The most common process for seamless integral gas cylinder spinning has two kinds of process routes according to different materials. The aluminum alloy gas cylinder material is mostly 6061 aluminum plate or aluminum bar material, and the process route is plate stamping/aluminum ingot heat (350 °C). ~450°C) Back-extruding into a cup-strong rotating straight wall part-hot closing (400°C~450°C) universally formed bottle shoulder and bottle neck, steel (mostly 30CrMo) cylinder is hot spinning of tubular parts (900 ° C ~ 1000 ° C) back cover - strong rotation straight wall part / or non-rotating - hot closing (900 ° C ~ 1000 ° C) - universal spinning bottle shoulder and bottleneck